Acupuncture and Fertility

Acupuncture has been used for centuries for the treatment of infertility and gynaecological issues. A course of acupuncture treatments leading up to and around conception, either naturally or with IUI/IVF can:

  • Regulate the menstrual cycle and promote regular ovulation
  • Regulate the hormones to produce a larger number of follicles
  • Improve the functions of ovaries to produce better quality eggs
  • Enhance the vitality of sperm
  • Relieve the side effects of drugs used in IVF
  • Increase the thickness of the uterine lining so to encourage successful implantation.
  • Decrease the chances of miscarriage

In an ideal world, it is recommended that a woman receives acupuncture approximately three months prior to IVF to regulate the body’s functions, and increase the chances of pregnancy. The process of sperm maturation takes on average 70 -90 days. It is therefore also very beneficial that men receive acupuncture for at least three months prior to staring IVF. Of course, it is not an ideal world, and if this is not possible, even one treatment around embryo transfer has proven to be successful in improving the chances of pregnancy with IVF.

The results of a recent study involving 7 trials and 1,336 women undergoing IVF, show that having acupuncture in conjunction with embryo transfer can increase the chances of a pregnancy by up to 65%.

I have had several years experience now in treating infertility (formerly known as Anthea Mason) and have seen over the years how beneficial acupuncture can be. Please Call for a chat if you are unsure as to whether it can help you.

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