“As a smoker who had failed to quit many times before, I couldn’t see myself ever kicking my bad habit. Knowing very little about hypnotherapy, and not really considering myself as someone who would use this form of treatment, I decided to inquire about it anyway.After discussing with Anthea about what techniques she would use, I felt confident that I had a fairly good chance of success. Well, 11 months since my last hypnotherapy session, I am proud to say that I have remained a non-smoker ever since.”

Duncan F (Lewes)

“I can’t thank Anthea enough for all the support she has given me during my fertility treatment. Her treatments have been invaluable in helping me cope with the ups and downs of IVF and keeping me calm and positive during my pregnancy.”

Claire F

“A visit to see Anthea is always something to look forward to as you enter her oasis of calm. The acupuncture really helped to alleviate my symptoms and Anthea’s helpful and caring approach explored the potential underlying causes of my condition not just treating the more obvious physical conditions. To be recommended!”

Paul Mitchell

“I went to see Anthea having had two previous miscarriages. I had read that acupuncture can help with fertility issues and decided that I should give it a try. I was a bit nervous but Anthea has a warm and friendly approach and quickly put me at ease. She identified that my issue could be to do with my body temperature and worked to “warm me up”. To support this, I started taking my temperature every day and during the course of my treatment it began to increase – a clear sign that the acupuncture was having an affect. I really enjoyed the acupuncture sessions and found them very relaxing – once you start they are quite addictive! Then in January 2007 I became pregnant again. Anthea supported me through the early stages of morning sickness and pregnancy and this time I had no problems and now have a happy, healthy toddler and I am currently pregnant with my second child.”

Sandra (Lewes)

“Having tried antibiotics and conventional medicine to clear an acute viral ear infection which rendered me almost deaf and with sinusitis, I received acupuncture from Anthea as a last resort. To my relief, acupuncture has helped tremendously with my ears and sinus problems.

Almost as an afterthought, I mentioned my arthritic knees which I believed would only get worse with time. To my amazement, the acupuncture worked completely on them and now I am having acupuncture every 3 months as a kind of maintenance course for my body.”

J Barnes

“In my hypnotherapy sessions with Anthea, I have been able to reach profound levels of relaxation, and have been led into visualisations that have been very healing. I recommend her highly.”

Julie Everton

“When I first met Anthea, I was undergoing tests for recurrent miscarriage. After several negative experiences with various doctors in the South East, I was becoming very despondent and wondered if I was ever going to have a successful pregnancy. I was, however, reluctant to give up hope and felt I needed to do something positive to help prepare my mind and body for the journey ahead. Luckily I found Anthea.

Through her acupuncture, Anthea enabled me to regain faith in my own body. Just sitting with her had a positive, calming effect on me. The issue of fertility is, of course, highly emotional and very personal yet I was always at ease talking to Anthea. She took the time to establish how I was really feeling, both mentally and physically, before continuing with the acupuncture. I felt we were working together. The placing of every needle was appropriate to my individual needs and Anthea’s experience with the issues surrounding fertility was evident.

I have absolute faith in Anthea and her work and I always left feeling totally relaxed and empowered.
My baby boy was born happy and healthy this August. Thank you Anthea for your genuine empathy, your support and your encouragement.”

Claire (East Sussex)

I would highly recommend Anthea to anyone considering either hypnotherapy or acupuncture, as I have been treated with both by her for specific health issues. After two sessions of hypnotherapy I was able to overcome a potentially career -threatening case of performance anxiety related to public speaking. Additionally I receive monthly acupuncture to relieve the physical symptoms of the menopause, and have found that it greatly reduces hot flushes and the emotional highs and lows.

Anthea is also happy to spend time explaining the treatments, and has such an open and empathetic manner that I feel at ease and comfortable while being treated by her. She would be an ideal therapist to consult if you have never tried either of these therapies before, as she ensures you are relaxed and well informed throughout the time she spends with you.”

Janice (East Sussex)